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Getting Started

About Getting started is easy Just you need to

Create an Account. For create an account you need to click Register make sure you have an e-mail, an User Name, your password and reCaptcha. Once you create an account you will get your user name and password in your mail. After create an account you will able to post  ads.

Post an Ad takes about couple of minutes. Just Login your account click Post an Ad button select your ad category click go button fill the all requirements click continue check your information click Proceed thats all.

Edit Ads also easy. First of all Login your account click My Dashboard find your ad which you want edit click edit mark, have a look what you like to edit about then click Update Ad.


Help You Some Tips:

We can help you some tips how to post easily ads. It is really easy just you need to Register first (Its Free) then start post unlimited ads. If you need some more help please see Video Tutorial it will help you.

YOU e- HUT Community Standard:

i. Respect YOU e- HUT Community: We may not be asking you some kind of respect reserved our grandpa, very elderly or intellectual of a society. That we mean do not abuse the site. Every new user On YOU e- HUT involves a standard level of trust.We trust you become responsible and lot of users respect those trust, so please become one of them.

ii. We Review Irrelevant Ads and User As Inappropriate: This is more important than anything about it. When an ad comes inappropriate whether it violet our terms of use. Irrelevant ads are not taken away by the automatic system. If we removed an ad after reviewing it, you assume that we removed it purposefully. If it happen like this please read our Terms of Use and try to see it from our prospective. If you see other ads on YOU e- HUT with the same violation please inform us then we can review them as well.

iii. Do not Cross the Line:

Here are some common rules that grows common sense and that will help you steer clear of trouble.

  • YOU e- HUT is not for pornography sexually explicit ads. If your ads describe anything,do not post it on YOU e- HUT. Also be advised that any type of bad ads will removed without any notice before given. Please read our Safety Tips and stay safe on YOU e- HUT.
  • There is a zero tolerance for stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, anti social behaviour or revealing of other member’s personal information. Anyone caught doing those things causes permanently banned from YOU e- HUT.
  • We hate spam and everyone does. Do not create any misleading ads tags, title, general information for relevant ads. It is not right to do so unlimited tags to increase view of the ads. Irreverent or repetitive ads, comments, and private message describe a spam that everyone hate.

About YOU e- Hut Essentials:

  • Language: Dear User can use the site with your own language. There is almost about 52 different languages. You could choose your language. It could help you to use the site.
  • Quick Buy & Sell Chat: There is another option open for every User Free Buy & Sell Chat. Only user can able to use that. Chat will not active until you sign in.

What We Do

  • Follow Us: If you want to keep on touch with us, we have many ways Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You can connect with any of them.
  • Business: We want to make some money from sponsored. We might not make any money from User. User promote ads free forever never charged.


Location service for every user who would like promote ads location base. What location would help you about  it would help you about Currency matter, your town/area where your ads will be more reflective than all over the world. Just think your ads that could be more accepted by local people and bring more attention that is mean your ads to be successful. See what location is available at the moment. See more….



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